Benefits — Recycling and revitalizing

Black Bear Composting is committed to composting because both the process, as well as, the resulting end-product have significant environmental benefits.

Composting is the controlled biological decomposition process where microorganisms convert organic items into humus-like material suitable as a soil-amendment.

By separating your organics to be composted, you are...
  • Recycling more – Since organics make up more than a third of the waste stream (over half if you include paper), composting is one of the most effective recycling initiatives.
  • Saving resources – Landfill space is a finite resource with growing demand. Composting saves valuable landfill space for actual trash.
  • Reducing greenhouse gases – When organics decompose in landfills they create methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than CO2
  • Showing that you care – While Black Bear makes recycling organics as easy as possible, that little extra effort taken to recycle shows that you care about the environment and your community.
Once your organics have finished composting, the end product - finished compost - has several benefits...
  • Returns nutrients to soil – Nutrients derived from the soil in the form of vegetation are returned to the soil to restart the growing cycle.
  • Revitalizes soil – Compost also provides structural and biological benefits to soil that improves soil health.
  • Reduces chemical needs – Soil-amended with compost reduces the need for chemical fertilizing and pest control.
  • Retains water - Compost enhances water absorption of soil, which reduces irrigation needs.
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